Los Angeles Radical Faeries

Welcome to the online home of the Los Angeles Radical Faeries (LARF)

a loose coalition--of urban shamans, mystics, healers, idealists, artists, tricksters, genderfuckers, gardeners, lovers, dreamers, naturists, and Others--living in or passing through the Los Angeles area and collectively holding space.


Our community is diverse, and the portals into it are many. This is but one. And we're glad you found it.


We hope you'll look around the site and feel free to join us at any of our upcoming events.



Los Angeles Radical Faeries (LARF) formed in 2012 around the intention of building a radically inclusive, non-hierarchical community of faeries active in the Los Angeles area.


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A.J. Goodrich captures the highlights of Hay Days 2014 in this short music video that will make you awe with delight. Check it out at our IMAGES PAGE.



Hay Days 2015 isn't until April, but it's never too early to start planning and fundraising. You might notice a donation box sitting idle at a Heart Circle or potluck event. Feel free to drop a buck or two in if you have it to spare. Every little helps. Last year's Hay Days was grand. We want to make 2015 grander.




Have we perked your interest? Want to attend our events? We'd love to meet you. No initiation. No interview. Let's just start with a simple email greeting and we'll go from there. You can reach us at laradfae@gmail.com.


Contact: laradfae@gmail.com