Los Angeles Radical Faeries

Los Angeles Radical Faeries (LARF) formed in 2012 around the intention of building a radically inclusive, non-hierarchical community of faeries active in the Los Angeles area. Our circle is held together by virtue of real-world friendships, and membership is grown organically based on interpersonal connections.


Contact us at laradfae@gmail.com




The Faeries are both gay men, and men who prefer to use any other moniker that might describe them, as well as women who wish to be a part of the group, and people who choose not to be called men or women and beings who choose not to be called people. Faeries are organized as a group attempting to create community out of ritual and cooperation, except for faeries who are attempting to create community out of subversion of process and structure, as well as some faeries who wish to create chaos, often celebrating it, often not admitting it.


Many faeries are spiritual, lifting whole or part of their spirituality from any one of the world's religions or spiritualities. Some make up their own. Some make a mix. Some react against spirituality and religion as it's own evil, some find a spiritual path in reacting against spirituality.


Some Faeries just want to dress up in drag and perform in the woods, some want to dress up and not perform, some faeries want to dress up anywhere they can, some faeries don't dress particularly different than they would in any other environment.


Some faeries combine their spirituality with s*x, some don't, some are part of the faeries just to get laid. Some resent that. Some just want to drum by a campfire, and some want to camp far away from the drumming and get some sleep. This is what faeries are, except for faeries for which none of this applies.



We are called:


"To share new insights about ourselves,

To dance in the moonlight,

To renew oaths against patriarchy, corporations and racism,

To hold, protect, nurture and caress one another,

To talk about the politics of gay enspiritment and the enspiritment of gay politics,

To find healing space inside our hearts,

To become the inspirer and the listener as we share new breakthroughs in how we perceive gay consciousness,

To soar like an eagle,

To rediscover and reinvent our myths,

To talk about gay living and loving alternatives,

To experience the groundedness of the calamus root,

To share our gay visions,

To sing, sing, sing,

To evoke a great fairy circle."




The first spiritual gathering for radical faeries in 1978 was a gay male event. Faerie consciousness has since then for the most part expanded to include the full spectrum of gender and sexual identity while retaining a highly queer, anti-authoritarian, communitarian, colorful, loud and loving take on things.


There are a handful of full-time faerie sanctuaries (intentional communities) within the US, two in Europe, and one in Australia. There are several places that host regular faerie gatherings but are not otherwise faerie sanctuaries, and countless faerie households and circles in many cities, towns, and unincorporated areas.



Faerie gatherings are held all over the world several times a year with the biggest ones taking place around May 1st (Beltaine), with up to several hundred people attending at some sanctuaries. The faeries have also traditionally erected a strong presence at Rainbow Gatherings (we are the 69th tribe of Rainbow), and we continue to be a relaxing and releasing presence at Burning Man events. Our circle is ever-widening and ever-including, and the swirling center is thicker and juicier than ever.


For more info about places to meet, please visit radfae.org. Visit rfdmag.org for our quarterly magazine.


Contact: laradfae@gmail.com