Los Angeles Radical Faeries

For our second issue of LARF RIOT, we are calling upon our LARF Coven to send in stories, poems, photos, whatever you desire to put on 1-3 pages of 8.5" x 11" paper (any color or texture, just keep the size the same) that we can put/weave/conjure together in a zine.


We plan to have a limited edition of 100 copies of the zine available (everyone who submits gets one), and we'd designate 10-20 of them for archival in Faerie libraries and sanctuaries. Ideally, you would provide all 100 copies (or 200 if 2 pages, 300 if you submit 3 pages) of your submission and a digital copy. If this is not possible financially or otherwise, please contact [TBD] to discuss options.


Submissions are due on [TBD]. Seeing as how we will need to assemble and bind the zines, you will need arrange to get a physical copy to one of the hosts. Ask questions, get answers (just be patient).


We look forward to creating something with you to represent the L.A. Radical Faeries. Let's RIOT!


Contact: laradfae@gmail.com